Dušan Bursać: ANGELS IN HELL

Anđeli u paklu

Autor: Dušan Bursać

Published by: Association of World War II former concentration camp Prisoners and their descendants RS, Banja luka 2006

Tracing for the real and not conspicuous title for this book I faced a few problems, because I've been told that the title of my published book ''Croatian genocide over the Serbs", that happened in 1941 and lasted to 1945, was provocative and some bookstores didn't want to put it in their store windows being afraid of the unwanted consequences. That is another proof how much the idea of ''brotherhood and unity'' among the Serbs and Croatians is rooted in the consciousness of the people. Then, the associating of Croatian name to the genocide is neither desirable nor dangerous, too. Since the suffering of the children was in question, my wife Eva suggested that the title of this book should be ''Angels in Hell''.


Angels in hell - CONTENTS

Dušan Bursać: ANGEL IN HELL

Published by: The Association of the concentration camp prisoners of the World War II and their descendants, Republic of Srpska, Banja Luka

Publisher: Gojko Knežević

Reviewers: Milan Berić, Živko Vujić

The proofreader and corrector of Serbian: Nedjeljka Vukičević

Graphic adaptation and printing preparation: Živko Vujić


500-copy printing